The malpractice insurance is developed to protect medical professionals against their patient’s liability claims. However, as the patient’s claims became too frequent, the malpractice insurance rates significantly increased over the last decade. The process acted as a chain reaction, by lowering the malpractice insurance offer.  The growing size of claims and the reduced availability of malpractice insurance were the reasons aside the sector’s crisis. It became a non profitable business. In the last years, were even said that this market will be extinguished..

 Researchers are now saying that the turnaround period has come. Medical law reforms were conducted to make it less attractive for lawyers to promote claims against doctors. Along with it, the hospitals have made efforts to promote a reduction in errors, and as a consequence, a reduction of malpractice claims.
The malpractice insurance market can be profitable for the first time, this decade, by 2006. According to the Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability 2005 Benchmark Analysis, the overall number of claims of medical malpractice is falling for the first time, even though, the severity, or size, remained much the  same.
A work of risk management must be part of a strategy to reduce premiums and make malpractice insurance more affordable. It is essential to research and find out exactly how the malpractice insurance you want to buy covers reading carefully the policy .

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